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Beautiful full color weekly manga from the Queen of Swords and Amethyst Angel!

What can I say other than...there's pure genius at work here.

This epic gets better and better...lots of fun references...damn good art. You'll want to read it from the beginning.•Yaoi•

Another hysterical and very well-done Slayers fan manga.

Check out Jinks. Miss N's comic is wonderfully warped, inventive, and sexy as all hell. Go read. Now.•Yaoi•

Yummy. No seriously. I could eat Zan's art with a spoon. This is a great comic. •Yaoi•

Gorgeous demons, bad marriages, and wonderful art. What else is there to look for? •Yaoi•

Logan DeAngelis's comic kicks much ass. I love this comic. Superheroish...and yet...not. You just have to check it out. Trust me on this one. ^_^

A runaway meets a rebellious spirit investigator, and her world is never the same...and the first 11 chapters are up, and you're missing them. Go, scurry, shoo!

Be forewarned. This comic is highly addictive. Start from the beginning. You won't regret it. •Yaoi•

This comic is simply too beautiful for words....Vincent & Holden...kawaii!!! •Yaoi•

More epiccy coolness. *tweaks Eggman's nose* He's so adorable. ^_^

Making the world a more Yaoi-ful place! A D&D type universe, but with a very yummy twist! •Yaoi•

Lovely bishies. Swordfights. An evil father. Really good chocolate and the occasional bit of bad poetry...go on, check it out!

Link exchange, yay!!! Hee...Let's hear it for Boy Power! •Yaoi•


Original Slash

The Original Slash Archive: It is exactly what it says. One of the few original character slash sites on the 'net, and notable in that all of the submitting writers are excellent.

Pastorale, Bellum Viri: Slash fiction written by the lovely and incredibly talented Byrne. Several very different series are featured here, from hardcore to romance, pairs and'll want to sample them all.

A Love Supreme: A really sweet romance written by C. Rosenthal, featuring a vampire and his beloved jazz musician. You can read it online or simply download the entire thing in pdf format.

Twilight's Child: A series in progress, filled with rich, evocative description and brain-teasing twists and turns of plot. And ooh...more vampires. Yes.

Albrecht College: A lovely, lovely LiveJournal packed to the brim with hardhats, bookworms, radio djs and the swim coaches that love them. A number of tales featured here have given me an entirely new appreciation of libraries. ~_^

The City of Santa Clara: The LiveJournal where you can find more of the marvelous boys that populate Byrne's site.

Raven & Pumpkin's O.C. Fic: It's a LiveJournal. Go. Hit the user info page, check out the pairings list, and try a few. You'll love them. There's too many and they're too good to be described in this cheezy little space. Really.

Windbrothers: Another LJ by Raven & Pumpkin. An entire fantasy world, beautifully realized and filled with more of their lovely boys.

Phoenix4fic: Unbroken: Dare and Culley's LJ. *sigh* A wonderful romance between two very real and likeable characters.

Opium Den: Dominic's little foray into the sex trade...and his buddy Jimmy. They are just a really great pair of guys, too funny for words and sexy as hell.

Kettle: Colin's Journal: Colin is wonderful, and so is his story, a sweet, sometimes heart-wrenching budding romance between schoolmates that rings all too true at times.

1 Heart / 1 Soul: Well, see, Stone has this friend, Michael. This is Michael and his yummy vampire boyfriend Nicholas's LiveJournal, where Ravyn posts lovely stories about her boys, at least whenever we can pry our boys apart. *g*

Cindy's LJ: Writer of A Love Supreme. Yes, this is her personal LJ, but it also doubles as a slashy fic posting place. Take a look around...the boys that live there are absolutely incredible, and maybe if we pester her enough, she'll set up an archive for them, yes? *Pauses to lick Simon*. Mmmm...

Stone and Fen's LJ: Yup, they got me doin' it too. But hey, who could resist slashing them, really? They're so damn cute.


Her Royal Highness of Online Fanfic, may she reign forever. She plugged us on her front page. She did. Really. *squeal*


A large and friendly community/link hub for artists and writers.

Gigi is an incredible manga artist with a comic or two to her credit as well. ^_^ •updated!•

And last but not least, Webrings and other Fun Stuff!

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