In Order of Appearance...

Aerael the IncubusAerael. Faery. Incubus. Yummy male goodness. Just one look at this guy and it's pretty obvious that 'sex' is his middle name--if he had a middle name. Or a last name, for that matter. Aerael is sweet, loyal, witty, charming, gorgeous and has the tightest ass in New York-or so it was voted by most of NY's female population. Aerael is perfectly content to stay around his vampire snookie: to love, to cherish...and to frustrate Markkas' evil schemes with very his own special brand of distracting lust fae glamour.

Markkastanen the DrakthosMark. Faery. Drakthos. Manipulative hedonistic bastard. Markkastanen si Rhaegal Sartain (whew! That’s a mouthful!) is a Chaos worshipping spell-casting vampire who thinks little further than his own selfish desires. At the moment he seems to desire only Aerael. We all fervently hope that Aerael can keep him entertained and in a relatively good mood for next couple o’ hundred years.

Adavidarian the DrakthosDavy. Faery. Drakthos. Good-natured insecure nice guy. Mark’s little brother. Adavidarian si Rhaegal Sartain was cursed from birth with a magic-negating aura, and a knack for getting into awkward situations. Davy’s madly in love with Iolanthe (and can we blame him?) but he’s still trying to work through all the issues inherit with dating a sex-shifting, lust-feeding succubus.

Iolanthe the SuccubusIolanthe. Faery. Succubus. Big-breasted teenage goddess. Aerael's youngest sibling. Io is probably the most chipper lust-feeding faery you'll ever come across. Most refer to her as "the fluffy one" and she's really earned that title. Don't let the cheery, perky attitude fool you: Io is one dangerous little girl when she needs or even wants to be. But luckily for her vampire love o' her life, that's not so often these days.

Stay tuned…new characters will be posted as they appear…
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